Best Universities to study in Australia

So if you have made mind to study at universities in Australia for a degree program or a short-term study

program you had made a great choice and will have a wonderful experience. You will just not enjoy the academic experience but also its beautiful beaches, cultural diversity, incredible food, large deserts.

Why Choose Universities in Australia for degree programs?
Australian Universities are one of the best and highly ranked in the world for providing quality education, student satisfaction, Jobs Placements, etc. Australian Universities. 36 Australian universities are ranked in the top 1000 list of World University Ranking 2021 and 7 of them are listed in the Top 100 Universities of the world which is a very amazing thing that attracts you to study in Australia.

Australian Universities famous for offerings hands-on experience and providing deep practical knowledge to their students and also give huge support to students for doing experiments and inventing new things. The Australian government spends over 300 Million AUD dollars to provide scholarships for international students. You can easily get a visa. It is a very simple process as compared to other countries.. One can easily get a student visa having good grades and all the necessary documents. Also, your visa gets approved easily.

Top Ranking Universities in Australia
There is a total of 43 Universities in Australia out of which 37 are globally ranked and world-famous. Australia has over 1100 Institutes offering 22000 different courses. Also, many universities have branches in almost every state of Australia. You can find huge options in the universities and also can get a quality education.

  1. University of Melbourne
    The University of Melbourne is one of the oldest universities in Australia. It is the NO. 1 ranked university of Australia. It is famous for its high-quality education. It offers a huge range of PG and UG programs. I have over 8000 working and teaching staff handling the body of 65,000 students which includes over 13,000 international students from over 130 countries of the world. Four Prime Ministers are studied from this university and eight noble prize winners have been studied, worked, researched at this university. It has more than 10 Campus situated in different cities in Australia.

2.University of Sydney
The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australi. It has been ranked 40th in the QS World University Ranking and also it is one of the most top 10 beautiful universities in the world. Every year more than 55,000 take admission and they have huge options in programs to syudy as compared to any university in Australia. University has 1st ranking in Australia and 4th in the world for graduate employability.

  1. University of Queensland
    The University of Queensland is the 3rd ranked university in Australia. It is located in Brisbane city. It is famous for beautiful beaches to enjoy which are just a few miles away. The University of Queensland is famous for its engineering programs, psychology, Science research, and many other things. It has more than. It offers more than 8000 Degree Courses and also 1000 teaching staff handling a body of 40,000 students which included 15,000 international students. Queensland University is a perfect place for international students to study and stay with local Australians.
  2. University of Western Australia
    The University of Western Australia ranks 4th in Australia and ranks 79th in QS World University Ranking. It is located in Perth. Perth is a beautiful city which offers you huge enjoyment with studies. The University of Western Australia has more than 16,000 students studying currently which includes around 6000 international students. It has more than 400 research staff. The University of Western Australia is also well known for job placement.
  3. Monash University
    Monash University ranks 5th in Australia and 49th in QS World Universities Ranking. It is located in the victoria state of Australia. It was established in 1958 and need after Sir Josh Monash. He was an Australian Military Leader and engineer. It has three main campuses. Monash University has international students from more than 100 countries and also provides scholarships to more than 100 students each year. Every year more than 57,000 admissions are done a Monash university which includes 15,000 international admissions. Monash University provides more than 10,000 education programs and also it is well known for its engineering, research science, medical programs.
  4. University of New South Wales
    University of New South Wales ranks 6th in Australia and 51th in QS World University Ranking. It is located in Sydney and established in 1949. It has the highest media ATAR among all the universities in Australia. It has more than 57,500 students enrolled which 25,000 international students. University of New South Wales has the highest no. of international students. It also ranks 5th in top universities in New Zealand. 23 Subjects of UNSW Sydney is being recognized among the Top 50 Courses to study in Sydney.
  5. University Of Adelaide
    The University Of Adelaide ranks 7th all over Australia and 73th in QS World University Ranking. The University Of Adelaide was established in 1874. It is the 3rd oldest university in Australia. It has 4 Main Campus. More than 20,000 students are enrolled every year. It provides a large no. of special programs to international students. One would love to learn at the University of Adelaide. It allows more than 6000 international students to learn at a very cheaper cost.
  6. University of Canberra
    The University of Canberra is the 8th largest university in Australia. It is among the oldest universities in Australia. It ranks 112th in World University Ranking. It offers the best UG and PG programs. The University of Canberra was established in 1967 and It has its campuses in multiple cities. More than 15,000 enroll every year for different courses. The college is well known for engineering, research science, accountancy, and another field of interest.

These are the best universities to study in Australia. You can go with others also but these are the top universities with you can learn.

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